Tuesday, 1 July 2008


France doesn’t do carpets.  They are universally acknowledged as being a nid à microbes and generally one of the most unhealthy things you can have in any living space.  Formatted by my upbringing, I quite missed carpets when I first moved to France, they seemed to make rooms instantly more cosy (a necessity rather than a “feature” when you live in a northerly climate).

Over the years, my viewpoint has changed and I’ve come round to seeing things à la française – I’ll take a lovely old wooden parquet over carpet any day of the week.  However, add a small child to the mix and all bets are off.  Watching a baby trying to crawl, but instead merely sliding over a shiny surface is incredibly frustrating for all concerned.  First steps are positively traumatic and although I tried moving playmats around as she was learning to totter, I quickly realised that Puce wasn’t going to content herself with walking in straight lines.  The sound of tripping and hitting the unforgiving surface of a tiled floor takes some getting used to, and the Arnica is always on hand for the bumps and bruises.

Baby stages never last long though. We’ve just been given some pots of finger paints - with the advent of messy play, I have a feeling that I might discover a more child-friendly side to easily wipe-able surfaces…

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