Friday, 24 October 2008

A (nappy) change is as good as a rest...

Our recent return to my native country has got me wondering about something. 

In my limited experience of baby changing facilities in France (ie, limited experience of being able to find any), I have only ever come across facilities in the ladies’ toilets.  Apart from Ikea of course, but I consider that to be a Scandinavian oasis, so it doesn’t really count.  So, who’s in charge of changing the nappy 9 times out of ten? 

You guessed it, moi.

So I was delighted as I began to realise that said facilities in the UK seem to be provided in a separate room!  What foresight on the part of planners and architects of shopping centres, airports and suchlike! 

Monsieur R was thus duly dispatched, fully equipped, to have all the fun that changing the nappy of a giggling, wriggling, hands-everywhere, uncooperative little person can be.

Aaaah, now that’s what I call a holiday…

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