Friday, 24 October 2008

Bilingualism begins

I had to write this down as it was such a big moment in our household. 

Sitting at the table the other day, Puce had demanded a straw (“shhhaaaaw”), waggling her little pointy finger at the corner where the straws are sort-of hidden. 

Nothing new there, it happens every mealtime. 

She then looked at me while pointing at the straw and repeated the word.  She then turned to MonsieurR, still pointing at the straw and said “paille”.  Puce then carried on hoovering up her water with the straw, as if nothing had happened.  MonsieurR and myself just looked at each other in awe.  Up until now, Puce has said words either in French or in English, depending on who she learns them with or the relative ease in pronouncing them.  But she had basically just said “OK, I know mummy calls it a straw and papa calls it a paille, but you’re talking about the same thing, and I’ve got is sussed.”


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