Saturday, 24 October 2009

How to de-pot a Petit Suisse

Petit Suisse have always been a bit of a mystery to me.  I've never figured out where on the sliding scale of dairy products it's actually situated (is it fromage frais?).  Before having Puce, I never bought them myself; the only time I encountered them were on the hospital tray, when I had my appendix out.  I mean, where do you start?  The label is, strangely, on the inside of the pot, the pot in turn being barely big enough to get a spoon into.  It turns out that there's a knack to eating them, one that Mr R has taught to Puce, who seems to have an innate inability to do it (must be French thing), and that I am desperately trying to copy.

It's all in the de-potting (which is where I first went wrong, you can't eat the thing from the pot – deceptive, eh?).  You have to take the top off, invert the pot, then tap (or bang if you're under 3) the bottom (which is now the top), rather than squeezing the sides (my second error - so much to learn).  One then has to locate the edge of the label that clings to the white tower of cream and in one deft movement, rip the label upwards, thus preserving the creamy tower intact.  I usually end up scraping half my Suisse off the label.

But seeing as how they are wonderfully creamy and delicious and as yet, unheard of in Britain, I’m going to have great fun practising de-potting and eating them…ah, the dedication to learning about French culture…

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