Thursday, 17 February 2011


Bugnes start appearing in the boulangeries and patisseries early February, hot on the heals of the galettes.  They can be crispy (croquantes) or soft (moelleuses), but are always dusted with icing sugar. It's another thing that only French people can eat without getting covered in icing sugar.  I watch them closely every year and still don't know how they do it...

Although they're a delicious treat, they're incredibly expensive.  This year we decided to make our own, following Mamie Plume's tried and trusted recipe.  I can quite honestly say (and totally unbiased as well) that they were the best I've ever eaten, and a real family participation effort. I made the dough, Puce was the sous-chef in charge of flattening it and Monsieur R was the overall chef.

Here's the highlights....

...once the dough has been cut, the young sous-chef has to stand with the rectangles draped over their outstretched arms, whilst remaining absolutely still, until the chef is ready to cook them.  Makes you wish you'd made twice as much dough...

After cooking, the sous-chef must then throw icing sugar all over the bugnes, the table, the floor and herself:

...and then comes the really hard bit: trying not to eat the whole lot in one go!

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