Monday, 16 January 2012

Homemade alchemy: Create, create, create

I find myself saying (alot) that the best way to pass on language and culture (in my experience) is through songs, stories and activities.  The first two are pretty obvious, but I think I've been underselling the last one.

"Activities" can cover a wide range of ways of passing the time.  But I particularly relish creating. I once saw a re-punctuated version of the old saying Make Do.  It had become:

Make.  Do.

Perfect.  Making and doing with children can be a bit of a minefield (embrace the mess), but there is no better way to sharing a mini-adventure, be it at home or outside, that will be fun, interesting, fill in a chunk of time til bedtime (very important!) and create memories and a source of discussion.  All that for sometimes next to zero cost.

I've decided to start documenting here some of my favourite activities, where the inspiration came from, what we got from it and where it could lead.  Partly because it's part of our language story and continues to be part everyday, partly because I forget very quickly and it helps me to remember, recycle and reuse some of the ideas from the past...

Watch this space...

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