Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Project Ecosse: 6 months in

We've been (back) in Scotland for 6 months, almost jour pour jour.  I'm living here again after 12 years away, Monsieur R is discovering life in Scotland, Puce has taken it to all like a duck to water.

6 months in sounds like an ideal time to take stock, what with it being New Year and all that too.  Here's 5 words that come to mind:

1. Incredulous: the only word for the reaction of most people to whom I say that we moved from France to Scotland.  Followed by the question "But why?"

2. L'étranger: the first and one of the few French novels I've read; also the French word for "foreigner" and "stranger", which pretty much sums up how I feel back in Scotland.

3. Salad: of all the food I could miss from France, this is it.  What the French call salade and we call lettuce.  Why is it so limited here?  Could we not move on from iceberg lettuce?  I used to think of it as just rabbit food, but having eaten so much of it, with everything, enlivened by vinaigrette, I really miss it...

4. Carpets: the carpet vs parquet/tiled-floor debate goes on, but it would seem that I've changed sides.

5.  Welcoming: everyone we've met since we got here.  Thank you.

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