Tuesday, 26 June 2012

C'est quoi la France?

Puce was recently given this book about France.

It's rapidly become a firm favourite in our house for lots of different reasons.

Monsieur R likes it because he can use it to talk to Puce about things from France...

...the little bits of everyday life that you take for granted when you're living in the country.

Puce likes it because the colourful drawings are full of details and she can spend ages looking at the pictures and asking questions...

...and it's not just about the France that she knew...

And as for me, I like it because it's a beautifully sized book for little people, it's presentation is child-friendly without being patronising, the style is cartoon-like without over-simplifying and doesn't shy away from dealing with more complicated subjects.  I like the way they've defined The French not simply as being "people who live in France", but a more inclusive definition of "people who are linked to France", so people like Puce who were born there but don't live there can feel part of that definition...   

It's one of those wonderful ludo-√©ducatif books that France does so well.

For our family, it's a petit souvenir de la France.

Editions Milan, La France

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