Monday, 31 December 2012

Festive Fun - 2012 Edition

Christmas is behind us, 2013 begins tomorrow.  We missed Christmas day this year as we got more than our fair share of festive germs, so there’s a 48 hour period covering the 25th and 26th that didn’t include any sprouts, crackers or raisin-laiden cakes.  The coughs are now subsiding and we’re all on the road to recovery, so it’s a good time to take stock of this Noël’s assorted events.

This time of year is a strange balancing act, where we try to get the right blend of Monsieur R’s Christmas memories and mine.  We’re still trying to work out the role of the Père Noël, who in France leaves gifts for children with all their family members, whereas in the UK, he leaves his gifts in the stocking and lets parents, grandparents and everybody else give their own presents.  When we’re in France for Christmas I have to try to remember who I’m thanking for gifts that Puce receives, trying not to give the game away…

A local Christmas pantomime has always been one of my family’s traditions, although as teenagers my brother, sister and I slumped in our seats as my father wholeheartedly joined in with the audience participation (Oh no he didn’t!  Oh yes he did!).  Decades on, the family has grown and we now all join in with the same gusto, showing Puce the way and although Monsieur R might not get all the references to local football teams, it’s become one of his favourite festive dates.

A combination of feeling poorly and the lashing rain outside has provided the perfect opportunity for catching up with Christmas programmes on iplayer.  Being able to watch programmes on demand was something that I really missed in France and I’m certainly catching up on that service now.  I was delighted to discover that Series 2 of Allo Allo was available, so after a brief explanation as to the use and abuse of outrageous French accents, Monsieur R was made to watch an episode, from a purely educational perspective.  Hopefully he’ll now understand what people are referring to when they say they will zay theez onleee wunz.

And of course, as the Christmas bling fades, we look to the indulgences of the New Year, first up being the Galette des Rois for Ephiphany.  Monsieur R uses the recipe from Marmiton – over 700 reviewers can’t be wrong!

Bonne année, bonne santé et bon appétit!

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