Friday, 6 September 2013

Getting our bearings

After two years in Scotland, we're back in Lyon, France.  It's been a long time since I've written anything; there are less language challenges when you have the luxury of being back in the previously minority language country.

Being at school in Scotland provided a framework for using English - for learning and for play, not just talking to mummy and a handful of other people.  Puce now has a solid foundation in the language and can read and write in English.  Realising her own ability to read was like the moment superheroes discover their powers for the first time - she was with her papa and realised she could read the words Edinburgh Festival Fringe on his t-shirt.  A whole new world opened up as she began to read street signs, packaging and instructions - I tried to show her that reading is like a superpower, not just limited to being able to read books!

The challenge is how to keep her engaged with the English language here in France - keeping it lively, fun, interesting and useful.  From a reading point of view, the endless supply of English books from our local library is no more, so I'm trying to drip-feed the stock of books that I brought back from Scotland (which constituted half of the belongings we brought back).  I'm wondering whether e-books could be a solution - certainly from a storage and removal point of view, as we will inevitably move again.  I suspect that replacing a physical book with a tactile screen would permanently turn reading time into something completely different.  I'm loathe to move away from story books at the moment, but it's an issue that's coming down the line if I'm going to maintain a renewable stock of stories...A can of worms best left for another day.

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