Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bilingual Reading Strategies : When is a book not a book?

...answer: when it's a puzzle adventure!

As part of my new, ongoing quest to find ways of making reading more interesting for Puce (ie, her kind of interesting), I've been trying to widen my field of vision when I go to book sales.  Usborne books are usually a pretty safe bet, so I thought I'd go for this one when I saw it recently for 20 cents:

Another holiday, nothing special to do, so I got the book out with Puce on the reassurance that we'd only have a look at the first chapter (she can see me coming with the educational stuff a mile off now).  Luckily, the gamble paid off, after the first chapter, we were hooked!

The Amazon UK listing for this book puts the price range at £999 for a new version and £0.01 for a used copy; I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's worth the price of a new copy, but it would certainly be no waste of 1p for a secondhand version.  The intrigue of the story is just right, the puzzles are not too easy and the answers are at the back if you get stuck.  Puce was examining the pictures for clues, flicking back and forth to remember bits that had happened - it's great to see a book being used in a different way from the stories that we've always tended to read.  

I'll definitely be looking out for more of these!

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