Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Comics and other writing styles

Comics are really popular in France.  I have to confess I've never read one.  I've tried to read Asterix several times, but my eyes involuntarily skip across the page, rather than reading the speech bubbles in order.  So it's funny to see Puce starting to read comics for kids and it let's me get more familiar with this writing and illustration style that I never really got to know.

I've been thinking about different writing styles recently as I realise that I can't stay in my comfort zone for ever.  If Puce's English is going to continue to grow, I need to expose her to all of the different kinds of writing that you would get to play with in the UK - not just fiction books.  Playing around with Powerpoint is one way of doing this, learning to write short, sharp bullet-pointed summaries, although it's hard to get past the fun of adding colours and animations.  We tried condensing a story down to 140 characters, just to see how much more difficult it is to write something short.

Last night, I tried using the comic style to make a point.  We get through a lot of pens in our house, but sometimes the fun of acquiring them outweighs the necessity.  A discussion about whether a particular pen was actually "broken" and what that word meant was getting nowhere.  So I used the pen in question to draw this.

Funnily enough, this had more impact than my persuasive skills.  Puce showed the drawing to Mr R and explained it to him.  She decided to keep the pen after all...and I decided to give the impact of the comic style a bit more thought...

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